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Game Update 0.33 – Full Speed Ahead





Our charge ahead continues! Update 0.33 expands on the animation speed updates from Update 0.31, alongside some other adjustments to client popups and more.

Polished Pop-Ups

First up off the bat in Update 0.33 is some further work on in-game popups. After this release, you will find that in-game popups are more aesthetically pleasing, universal, and will have options to expand and minimise them. We’ve streamlined what used to be five different popup designs into one universal design, used all across the client. Down the line, the idea is that links shown in these expandable areas will take you to solutions or issue descriptions posted by our team.

Why do clear popups matter? Well, they help you to understand what errors are occurring with better outage messaging, as well as helping our dev team to understand what is going on in games when players report issues. We know it can be frustrating when it’s hard to understand why something occurred, and we’re aiming to alleviate that frustration as much as possible. Learn more about the Live Ops team's strategy in the latest Dev Update.

Full Speed Ahead

Update 0.33 will also bring faster card effects! Actions that result in a large number of effects will resolve far quicker. This covers big effects that affect multiple cards, such as:

  • Board clears;
  • Buffing / debuffing a whole lotta of creatures, and;
  • Destroying, burning, and snoozin’ a whole lotta creatures.

Matches will feel much more fluid as a result of this speedy upgrade. Kachow!

Under the Hood

There’s also going to be a few changes that are less visible to the mortal eye. We’re making some upgrades to the Public Test Realm to help with testing. Additionally, we’ve done some spring cleaning to clear out old card logic and remove some legacy code. This should make things nice and tidy moving forward.

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