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Game Update 0.34 – Tinkering and Toiling





We’re hammering down on some quality of life qualms in Update 0.34. With this release, you’ll see some important upgrades to the mulligan, loading screen, combat recorder and more. Let’s get into it!

Mulligan Maintenance

The mulligan phase can have major effects on the early stages of the match. Before this patch, if you disconnected and/or reconnected during the mulligan, your opponent’s mulligan would cancel after their next selection. This meant that if the opponent still had a few cards left to reshuffle, their current selection would be their last – regardless of how many remaining reshuffles they should have had. This is now fixed!

Loading Times

Even if everything on your side of the game is fine, it can still be frustrating to get stuck on the loading screen with “waiting for opponent to connect” as your only companion. We’ve added a timer that counts down to this part of the loading process. If the connection isn’t made, it will cancel the matchmaking and allow you to head into a different match, saving you valuable time.

Levelling Up the Combat Recorder 

The combat recorder is a mostly invisible function. It records your matches action by action in a log file behind the scenes. This information has been incredibly useful for our dev team, as when there’s an issue, this can be sent to us so we could find out exactly what went wrong.

We’ve upgraded the combat recorder to show many more events, dramatically increasing its effectiveness. What’s more – it’s no longer passive – it now works in tandem with the client to detect when a turn timer desync happens. We’ve introduced a change where the client can automatically detect this issue and fix it by flipping the turn timer. 

This is the first time the combat recorder has been used in this way, and opens us up to new tools to identify game issues and resolve them.  

Pick One Problems

Pesky soft locks are something that we are trying to eradicate from Gods Unchained. We’ve resolved an issue that could cause a soft lock if Pick One cards auto-selected when the turn timed out. That’s one less problem to worry about!

Disabling Corrupt Ceremony

With this patch, we’re temporarily disabling Corrupt Ceremony as it sometimes pulls placeholder cards from the void that cause matches to soft-lock. It’ll be reactivated once the issue has been fixed.

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