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Gods Unchained x CardBoard.Live





Hello, Mortals,

Fletch here, esports product manager, and boy, do I have some thrilling news to share. Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with CardBoard.Live that enables millions of viewers worldwide to become a part of the Gods Unchained experience on Twitch! Watch the video below.

CardBoard.Live are no strangers to trading card games, and we feel it's only fitting to partner with them to bring an unrivalled viewing experience to our audience. Whether you're watching your favourite content creator, a community tournament or our future esports events, it's never been easier to be a part of the action.

Broadcasters will now be able to bring the viewer "into the game" via the extension's exciting new features. Viewers can gain more information on everything available to the streaming player, including the player's hand, deck list, voids, the sanctum, god powers, relics and any cards on the board.

With this new level of accessibility, we'll be providing viewers with unique ways to get insights into the strategies their favourite streamers or players may use. Viewers can glance at a player's active decklist and cards in real-time.

But that's not all; we've also teamed up with CardBoard.Live to bring digital ownership even closer to viewers engaging with the stream. See a card played in-game that you'd love to add to your collection, maybe a new synergy you had not thought of? Viewers can now get marketplace links to the cards in-stream and view them on Immutable X, Token Trove or Aqua.

We hope this extension helps bring another level of integration and accessibility for viewers, content creators and event organisers. You can install the extension now via Twitch and add it to your next stream!

Note: Only streamers, content creators, event and tournament organisers need to download the Twitch extension.
Viewers - Encourage your fave streamers to install and use the extension to enhance your viewing experience in-game!

Install CardBoard.Live NOW

The following guide will run you through the installation and setup of the Gods Unchained CardBoard.Live Twitch Extension.

  • Step #1 - On Twitch, navigate to your ‘Creators Dashboard’ via the dropdown in the top right. Then once inside the ‘creator dashboard’ select the ‘extension’ tab on the left. Select the ‘discovery’ sub-tab and search for ‘Gods Unchained’.
  • Step #2 - Click on the install button on the ‘Gods Unchained CardBoard.Live’ twitch extension.
  • Step #3 - Once the extension is installed click on the ‘configure’ button.

Once the configuration window pops up, click on the ‘click here to download the app’ button.

  • Step #4 - Once the app has been downloaded, install it and finish this installation by running CardBoard.Live Gods Unchained.

Then, the Gods Unchained CardBoard.Live application will open. Click on the ‘Login with Twitch’ button. Complete the login process.

When prompted to authorize the application, hit “authorize”.

  • Step #5 - Activate the extension by clicking the activate button, this will allocate the extension to overlay 1 on twitch.

To confirm this was completed correctly you will see the following window in the desktop application, and if you navigate back to your “my extensions” tab on twitch, you’ll see the extension listed under “Activated” in the Overlay 1 position as well.

  • Step #6 - As you stream and play Gods Unchained, you can leave the ‘Gods Unchained CardBoard.Live’ application open in the background. The application will automatically detect a game once you’ve loaded into a match and chosen your god power. To confirm the application is detecting the game you should see the application display game status as ‘connected’.

Note: the ‘Chat messages’ tick can be toggled to enable/disable if viewers can send Marketplace links direct to your chat via the extension. If this is disabled, viewers will still be able to copy the URL to the marketplace from the extension.

What is Cardboard.Live? CardBoard.Live is a Twitch extension powering an unparalleled level of accessibility for viewing and engaging with Gods Unchained content on Twitch. Viewers can gleem a plethora of information from the perspective of their favourite streamers, including the player's hand, deck list, voids, the sanctum, god powers, relics, and cards on the board.

How does CardBoard.Live help me stream on Twitch? As a content creator, it's always a powerful moment when you can bring your audience "into the action" and be a part of your gaming experience. The Gods Unchained Twitch extension does precisely that. It provides your viewers with a unique and immersive way to engage with your game content instead of sitting on the sidelines!

Do I need to pay to use Gods Unchained CardBoard.Live? Nope! The Twitch extension is completely free for anyone to install and set up.  

My decklist is shown on stream. Is this the order of cards being drawn? No, the decklist is organised in alphabetical order and does not indicate any gameplay elements beyond the knowledge of what cards are in your deck.

Can I purchase cards via the extension? Yes. Users can click on a player's card in the decklist, hand or on the board and choose a marketplace to purchase from. We currently support Immutable X, Token Trove and Aqua.  


That's all for now, mortals!

Happy Broadcasting,

Product Manager, Esports