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Crafting is now LIVE!




Need something forged? The domains bend to my will… and my hammer

– The Forgemaster

Tides of Fate introduces groundbreaking upgrades to the Crafting mechanic in Gods Unchained, with three big improvements to the Crafting experience:

🔹 Crafting is integrated as a feature under Workshop

🔹 You can now fuse Tides of Fate cards in the Forge

🔹 12 exclusive Legendary and Epic cards only obtainable through Crafting

Collect all Tides of Fate Legendaries before December 24th for a chance to get the 1/1 Mythic Variant of Blade of the Creator

To obtain these 12 cards you need to follow the specific crafting recipes shown after the tutorial below.

How Crafting works

Here’s the step by step guide for how to use Crafting.

1️⃣ In the Gods Unchained Launcher, go to the Workshop in the navigation bar, then select Crafting. This will take you to the Gods Unchained website in the Crafting section

Or you can go straight to Crafting on the website here.

2️⃣ Browse the recipe list and select a recipe. You can filter the list according to Rarity and other card characteristics

3️⃣ Select the recipe card in the recipe list on the right. Then select the card from your inventory on the left. Do this for all cards in the recipe.

4️⃣ After selecting all recipe cards from your inventory, click Craft

Note: this is the last time you can cancel the Crafting process while keeping your recipe cards, as after Step 5 you will need to contact customer support to cancel Crafting.

5️⃣ Sign the signature request in your Metamask wallet to confirm the transaction

6️⃣ After confirming the transaction, the recipe cards will be burned and the crafted cards will be minted. This process can take up to a couple minutes.

Note: Crafting can’t be reversed from here. If you press cancel, a message will pop up to contact customer support

7️⃣ Congratulations! You have successfully crafted a new card!

If you encounter any problems with Crafting please hop into Discord or Contact Support

Crafting Recipes

For Legendaries there are 6 recipes for each of the 4 qualities, so in total 24 recipes for Legendaries. For the Epics please follow the exact recipes indicated.

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UPDATE AS OF Nov 6th 2023

Hi Mortals,

In our desire to enhance your experience using crafting in our launcher, we made the decision to use the Metamask SDK for crafting in the launcher. However, the MetaMask SDK mirrors the process of setting up MetaMask on a new device, prompting users for their seed phrases. We want to assure you that during this process, Gods Unchained has no access to these seed phrases and private keys, and players are interacting with MM directly.

We fully acknowledge your concerns regarding the request for seed phrases within the launcher, and take them seriously.

To immediately address these concerns, we are taking the following actions immediately:
- Disable the ability to connect your existing wallet via seedphrase or private keys in the launcher
- Redirect crafting to open the crafting in a website browser instead

Over the new few days, we will be working on a more permanent solution by:
- Permanently remove the functionality of interacting with the MetaMask extension within the GU launcher.
- Migrate the crafting system to the website, ensuring a more secure and user-friendly environment.

We missed the mark here in our initial approach to streamline the crafting experience, for that we sincerely apologize. We deeply appreciate all your feedback. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we are committed to working with the community to provide a secure user experience while we work to improve your overall user experience in GU and innovate within the web3 space.